vendredi 26 avril 2013

DOWNLOAD Photo Editor 2013

ACDSee Photo Editor 6.0.313

البرنامج الرائع فى تحرير الصور واستعراضها بمزاياه
الرائعه لذلك هذا البرنامج يعد من أفضل البرامج فى مجاله لسرعته وسهولة
استخدامه ولتعامله مع جميع صيغ الملفات المرئيه مثلا : JPEG, BMP, GIF
PSD, PNG, TIFF, TGA, RAW NEF, CRW, ويدعم حوالى 100 صيغه
ومنها الصيغ التى ذكرتها ..ويمكنك مع هذا البرنامج ان تحرير صور وحفظ حقوق
النشر من اى نقل او اى تعدى على حقوق الملكيه لصورك ويمكن الشرح
به على الصور وأفادة اخوانك والبرنامج به مجموعه من الفلاتر الرائع التى
تبهرك بالتعامل معها لتحسين جودة الصوره او وضع تأثيرات جماليه عليها
ويمكنك عمل ألبوم خاص بك ووضع مجموعه من الصور واستعرضها فى اى

وقت لأحق هذا البرنامج يعد افضل البرامج فى مجاله فعلا.

• Jump in
You don’t have to be a technical whiz to start editing your photos like a pro. How-to lessons take you step by step through common editing tasks, giving you the confidence to explore your creativity. You'll spend less time learning so you can get to the task at hand faster: transforming your photos into something breathtaking.
• Object Layers
Photo Editor’s work area provides a canvas where you can arrange your photos, text, and other objects, like shapes and lines. Layer your objects, group them, change their order, and experiment with opacity and blend modes to create amazing photo layouts. Selectively adjust any object, or apply changes to the entire layout. Your originals are always safely preserved.
• Layouts Made Easy
Comfortably select from among overlapping objects, and choose the exact place where you want to paste your elements with the Paste and Place option. Open, load and utilize brush files to enhance your layouts. Resize, crop, rotate and correct your photos. And easily work with drop shadows, transparencies and text, to achieve your desired layout.
• Go ahead and play
Experiment with effects with peace of mind, knowing that your original image stays intact. With Dynamic Adjustments, you have the luxury of freedom. Quickly modify existing effects, switch their order for a different result, hide them, or delete them completely at any time. It's no strings attached creative control.
• Correct Photo Flaws
Correct your photos with powerful and fast-fix tools, including Red Eye, Dodge, Burn, Sharpen, and Smudge. Magically erase imperfections, blemishes, and unwanted objects with the Repair Tool. Try the Auto-adjustments feature for one-click Auto Color Balance, Auto Levels, Auto Sharpen, or Auto Contrast. Use Auto Fix to make all the necessary adjustments for you at once, or take full control of each adjustment using sliders.
• Stylize Photos
Easily add your creative flair to photos. Try a vignette to create polished portrait-style photos. Set your photos in motion with the Blur tools. Take your photos back in time with the sepia effect, or add a dash of drama with Photo Editor’s comprehensive black and white mode.
• Edit in Batches
Save time by using the Batch Processor to edit groups of photos. Fix color, lighting and sharpness issues, or apply artistic effects, to everything all at once.

• Shape your shots
Create interesting effects by combining objects and photos. Punch out photos using an array of pre-defined shapes, or design your own custom shapes.
• Say More with Words
Add text to your photos, exactly the way you want. Change up the font and color of all of your text or just a single word or phrase. And why stick to straight text? Wrap your text inside a shape, or along a custom or preset text path to add some flow to your shot.
• Fast Track to Results
The Adjustments Palette gives you quick access to all the alterations you can apply to photos, objects, and text. It’s your shortcut to the editing and creative functions you need the most.
• Work with Metadata
Adding and editing EXIF and IPTC information will not only help you keep track of the details, but will also provide excellent reference to aid you in recreating that perfect shot. For even more control over your metadata, consider a photo management tool, such as ACDSee or ACDSee Pro.

• Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher

  Size: 66.08 MB